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Astrosat has an innovative and continuously evolving Satcom division. By taking advantage of our own capacities and links with industry partners Astrosat not only offers end-to-end managed services but can often merge this with other value added capabilities to offer truly unique and invaluable solutions.

Satellite Communications image

Our approach

Our approach to communications is simple – the right tool for the right job. As an independent entity, Astrosat has key skills and links with industrial suppliers that allow us to not only tailor complete packages to your needs but to also to include other services (such as Earth Observation or M2M) as part of a managed service.

Business Sectors

  • Governments (both national and regional)
  • Maritime Industry
  • Infrastructure operators and Developers
  • Utility operators and Developers
  • Polar Teams
  • NGOs

Image & data partners

Astrosat has access to and close links with satcom service providers from around the world (both satellite and ground station operators). We also have close relations with manufacturers and space agencies (such as ESA and UKSA) who we are constantly working with to develop new technologies and services to meet our client’s needs.