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Astrosat's Disaster Management Challenge for the Copernicus Masters competition

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The Challenge

Are you an innovator? Have you got the next big idea in space applications to support first responders in critical times before, during, and after natural disasters?

Astrosat is changing the way space solutions are delivered through Earth observation, and now you can join us. Setting a Disaster Management challenge as part of the Copernicus Masters competition, we are looking for solutions that will support first-responders in their disaster relief efforts.

If successful, your idea could be included in Astrosat’s Recovery And Protection In Disasters (RAPID) system, a situational awareness and decision support tool for those responding to natural catastrophes.

Previously having won the Copernicus Masters Challenge three times, in addition to offering a prize last year, Astrosat knows the great benefit this opportunity is for both applicant and challenge setter, so once again we are offering a fantastic prize as part of this competition.

The Criteria

Entrants shall be evaluated by senior members from the Astrosat RAPID team and independent evaluators appointed by Copernicus Masters. The evaluation criteria will be as follows:

• Novelty/improvement on state of the art

• Accuracy/effectiveness of the processed data

• Ease of use of the application

• Benefits to end users

Most importantly, your application must use data from the Copernicus suite of Sentinel satellites. In addition, your solution can include information from other data sources e.g. non-ESA satellite data, commercial satellite data or in-situ information, to create outputs that offer significant benefits to the teams dealing with disaster response at all levels.

The Prize

The winner will be awarded a bespoke support package prize valued at €8,000 that includes business and technical assistance to help bring the product closer to market, as well a substantial satellite data quota worth €5,000 made available by the European Commission.

For more information about the competition, go to the Copernicus Masters website.