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Latest news

Astrosat extends its eyes in the sky to help fight forest fires and protect biodiversity in South Sumatra

Astrosat, Scotland’s leading space and technology services company, is pleased to announce a new partnership to support the Sumatra Merang Peatland Project (SMPP), a forest conservation and biodiversity protection initiative in South Sumatra, Indonesia.

Astrosat's Disaster Management Challenge for the Copernicus Masters competition

Sponsor our CEO to raise funds to tackle homelessness in Scotland

Copernicus Masters announces winner of Astrosat’s End to End challenge

Astrosat is hiring Software Developers

Astrosat is ready to solve your earth-bound problems from space

Astrosat promotes from within for new COO, Georgy Dean

Find out how space can improve your day-to-day life, and what impact the space technology has on business.

Astrosat welcomes the Copernicus Masters Challenge

Astrosat shows RAPID advances in the jungles of Malaysia

Astrosat's 'CCTV in the sky' could help Guatemalan farmers fight back against illegal loggers

Astrosat CEO tells pupils to reach for the stars

Astrosat CEO addresses Symposium in Delft

Astrosat is headline sponsor of major space conference

Astrosat wins another major European space prize

Stevenson Astrosat’s commercialisation of space sector

To infinity and beyond for teen Scots explorers

Enterprising Lothian space technology expert keeps business eye on the world