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Earth Observation

Earth Observation can be a highly useful tool for smart decision-making. Knowing what is going on - even in the remotest locations - can be a huge cost saving when the correct decisions are made.

Earth Observation image

Our approach

Our approach is simple - to provide knowledge, not simply data, that can allow our clients to make the smart decisions themselves. By producing products that focus on real world problems which instil knowledge and value in the end user’s decision making process our Earth Observation products can help improve the effectiveness and operational efficiency for a great many industries.

Business Sectors

  • Governments (both national, regional and local)
  • Infrastructure operators and Developers
  • Utility operators and Developers
  • Environmental Agencies
  • NGOs

Image & data partners

As an independent operator, Astrosat has the ability to draw upon the entire breadth of the satellite network. We have the ability to draw from agencies such as ESA and NASA to the private sector, including Airbus and Telespazio Vega.