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Commercial space services at their best

We’re experts at sourcing, analysing and deploying satellite driven data. Everything from regional geology maps to global weather data, helping you plan and track your next big project.

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Earth Observation

Earth Observation is a vital tool in many areas of the economy. Astrosat is a highly skilled developer of Earth Observation products and services which aid smart decision-making processes in national/regional governments as well as sectors as diverse as renewable energy, utilities management and urban planning.

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Satellite Communications

Satellite Communications give us the ability to talk to anything, anywhere on our planet. Astrosat has proven abilities in sat-com management and services, either stand-alone or as part of a larger product service. Challenge us with a problem and, with our industrial partners, we will handle it from end-to-end.

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Technology Transfer

Smart technology transfer in and out of the space industry helps to push forward the speed of capability development as well as making technical investment more profitable. Astrosat has developed a strong niche in identifying how we can best make use of space and non-space technologies for commercial benefit.

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